Show That I Attended At The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2012

Just checking in  with my wonderful audience and here is what I will report back.
     I was able to see these great show just by chance:  Coreylynn Calter, Billy Reid, Rafeal Cennamo, Fuguli & Shane Peacock, Rachel Roy, Emilio Cavallini and Negarin.
     It was a dream-filled week for me.  I was there for all of you my beautiful audience in spirit.  I loved the shows.  Each designer did their greatest piece of work within each season.  I can love and appreciate them all for creating such beauty for  audiences and consumers as us.  I love these designers and I love them for giving me stand by/stand up tickets to let me partake of their beauty, visions and creations.  This is the first season of my blog so I did not have the know-how or connection needed to make fashion week glamorous on my part but God worked it out and I was able to see many shows and meet many inspirational and motivational people who has given me advice and has blessed my endeavors.  Thank you all, I am grateful.
     When own is new at any venture we may slip a few times in the confidence department but God always puts the right people in one’s path.  My venture was a success and will continue to be so.  I also would like to extend a thank you to the unkind security guards, PR ladies and a hair team backstage who mistreated me because it helped me to be kinder more than ever to anyone needing help in life in general.  Wow, I am so inspired to live my blog now and make it the most beautiful one there is.
     If there is anyone out there with a dream, please get up now and pursue it.  Follow your dreams even if others think that you have gone mad.  It will slowly unfold and you will become convince that  nothing is beyond you.  Good luck to all of you and thanks for your support.  Take care my audience until I report to you again!
     I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing.”
  Rabbi Hillel