School In Session

     Wow,  I’ve been in school since I was two years old and no end in sight for me.  Anyway, this morning I had an early start in Shelburne, Vermont.  I woke up at 4: AM to be able to make the 6:00 AM Jetblue flight.  All flight crew must introduce themselves  to the Captain as they enter the sacred space of Jetblue world.  The Captain was as rude and as he was ugly and his First Office did not speak.  That sad persona and energy trickled down to the Flight Attendants who were not pleasant and friendly as they usually are.  Well, I got  to NYC safe and sound on a dreary, rainy, dark day.

     I am excited as now I will be focusing on NYU and another semester before I finish my little degree – can’t  wait.  I am also so thrilled to start my Personal Shopper and Closet Organizer agency.  Have no idea where to begin but will give it a shot day by day and  with each passing moment.  Now off to have Indian food for lunch!