San Diego Layover

     I am enjoying San Diego at my friend John Slade’s warm and welcoming home.  It was also a great crew coming here this morning.  I only had one ugly, obnoxious, jerk of a guy coming here.  As this is the tenth anniversary of 9/11 I had many internal confusing feelings.

     Anyway, I got to SAN and John picked me up for a wonderful lunch at The Hob Nob restaurant.  It was great seeing John again since his transfer to Dallas.  He is charming as ever.  We talked and then we went to see Point Loma and the off to La Jolla Cove.  It is such a beautiful day here.  The sun is bright and hot.  The people are happy and carefree and SAN is always ideal to me.

    Now, we will be off to Frank Devlin’s house for a going away party for his niece.  I am loving all of this moment.  So now I a off to get flowers for Frank!