Today was an interesting day.  I had a music session at The Diller Quaile Music School on 96th and Fifth Avenue.  After music, I took the bus to Tiffany’s & Co to pick you my necklace that was being repaired and steamed.  I stopped in at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral to pray  and then I  walked down Fifth Avenue as it was such a beautiful day in NYC.

Homeless Man In NYC.  Sadly he was invisible to almost everyone in the city.

     Barnes and Noble On Fifth and 45th Street had a line for Tori Spelling book signing.  My curiosity got the best of me.  I waited on line with so many eager women and two gay man for the event.  Outside the bookstore sits a homeless man who  begs passerby money as he played his harmonica.  Sadly, this human being was invisible to so many as they walk by.  A tourist family bought him pretentious Starbucks coffee, this was the only acknowledge that he received from the many on the affluent street of this great city.  This was an amazing scene:  In complete contrast to Ms. Spelling and her world of excess.

  The staff at Barnes and Noble were abrupt and unprofessional.  After waiting in line, I was told that I must purchase a book to be included in the book signing part of the store.  I paid a litte over $24.00 for her book.  After being kept kept waiting and considering that I am not a fan of Tori Spelling at all; I returned the book and left the store so that I may go to NYU and finish all my assignments. 

     I was surprise as I did not realize that Ms. Spelling had so many fans.  She seems to lack appeal and self confidence in interviews.  I wish her all the best with her new baby and book, “Celebratori”.

An audience outside waiting for the author
Ms.Spelling entering Barnes and Noble