Disney Princess In The Advertising Age Of Sex Sells 2

Our Disney Princesses are hard at work once more in the global economy of today’s age of consumerism.  The commodification of oneself is a must for our princesses today.

Keep working girls until your modern-day princes arrive.  We blame your struggles on the feminist movement that has destroyed all of us with the confusion of identity and economy.  Education means nothing still it seems.

Cinderella:  Before and After.  Ah, the poor child.




Even the Wicked Witch of the East has fallen on hard times and had to resort to selling sex.  She now works as a Dominatrix in Soho; bless her heart.


The only winner in all of this is Miss Jessica Rabbit.  She was always about sex and commodification of herself.  She is still fierce and the Diva of all Divas.  Go Miss Jessica, you are the best Mama!