A Glorious End To Fashion Week For Me

Hello everyone,
     I am sure you are having an amazing day!  I have just finished doing my first moment of press as a  blogger covering the world’s most exciting city that hosts the world’s most exciting fashion shows.  Well, I have quite a few highlights and  a minuscule moment of low- lights at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week 2012.  It was a great way to to introduce my blog to the world and establish myself as an official blogger (heads bow while we have a few minutes of gratitude for my new life and venture…amen).
First, I must  thank Ms. Rebecca Levitt Levy at Bratskeir & Company for giving me the opportunity to work with her doing the beauty prep backstage sessions as a member of the press at this season’s shows.  Rebecca and her generous team gave me four shows to showcase.  The shows were:  HOUGHTON, TIMO WEILAND, JENNY PACKHAM and BIBHU MOHAPATRA.  It was a pleasure working with Ms. Rebecca and her accommodating team.  My utmost gratitude to this kind lady.  LOVE YOU MS. RABECCA!
 What beautiful works by designer HOUGHTON!!!!


I truly enjoyed HOUGHTON it the way in which it was presented.  The designer is petite, beautiful and bohemian chic.  She sported blue highlights that let her very unique personality and creativity shine through.   She was an active part of her production as she help the production staff in situating her models on the runway; setting  the stage for well produced, enjoyable presentation.  The designer worked with Sonya Prasad an event planner who was crucial to the perfection of this show for directing the model’s walk, attitude, manner, confidence and style.  The models were breathtaking as they practice and practiced until showtime.  The eye make-up  at HOUGHTON were bright in dramatic colors.  The hair was an important feature of the show led my Lead Hairstylist Laura Polko.  The models hair looked incredible as they recapture the the look of sex goddess Rita Hayward and an era long gone.  The clothes were beautiful with an androgynous edge.  They were dainty, fashionable and wearable.  There were dresses in white, creme and pastel colors.  There were a few peaces with trains that went on and on  allowing the wearer to fell enchanted and princess-like.  The audience in attendance for the presentation was in awe and I spoke to former supermodel B Smith that states to me that she simply adored the show.  HOUGHTON, great show.  I enjoyed your show and I admired your talent and originality. 
     Timo Weiland show was young, fresh and exciting.  it was modern, youthful and elegant.  The hair team led by Joseph DiMaggio was sheer genius.  The beauty did their work of making the make correspond with the message of the clothes.  I thoroughly enjoyed this production.  Fashion and fun mixed in with easy to wear.  Great job TIMO and mission accomplished Joseph DiMaggio!
     Jenny Packham backstage was truly exciting.  The lead hairstylist Leonardo Manetti created the look to accompany the show.  The look was a 40’s inspired theme for the powerful and conservative woman.  The tone was strong and bold.  The hair is parted in the middle separating from and back of head.  There is a bun towards the front on top of the forehead and rolled hair in the back was a free girly knot.  This was the  most unique beauty look that I saw at fashion week so far.  Mr. Manetti is a genius and he is quite pleasant.  I was not able to see the show but judging from the excitement from backstage, the show was well presented and well received with hair and make-up conveying the message of the clothes and it’s intent.
     Bibhu’s show was full of nostalgia and romanticism from the designer himself.  He had lead beauty person Gina created vibrant color nails that were created in a laboratory by an actual chemist, Rebecca Issa.  The nail colors were firery red, dark purple and a bold silver.  Bibhu recalls his East Indian mother always wearing red nail polish only on one had to showcase her beautiful hands.  The other hand was always bare of any polish as that hand was left for eating, doing chose and so on.  The hair was created by Amit Abraham.  Amit’s inspiration for hair was taken from the Chinese opera titled “The Girl With The White Hair”.  His styles  were strong, graphic, fun and very easy for anyone to replicate.  Amit’s looks were dramatic and gorgeous.  The opera that inspired him created a great theme along with Bibhu’s memory’s of his mother and her unique beauty rituals.  Bibhu, I am not looking at my mother;’s special rituals to be inspired and be appreciative of her, thanks for the lesson.  Great Job!
Ms. Rachel Roy is as stunning as her collection.  Every single piece by her was beautiful!!!!
A few of her pieces are below!

The Hair and Makeup Team hard at work backstage, improving perfection!

Mr. Amit